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Ties and scarves represent some of the most colorful, exciting, and noticeable elements of anyone’s wardrobe.  Often, a tie or scarf is what distinguishes your attire from everyone else’s and speaks volumes about your character.

Eventually, repeated wear and use require every tie and scarf to be cleaned, pressed, repaired, or adjusted to keep up with fashion.  Despite a tie or scarf’s importance in our wardrobe, it is incredibly difficult to locate a skilled craftsman that understands how to care for your delicate silk products.     

The Necktie Guru was started in partnership with the city’s two leading restorers of ties, who have collectively over sixty years of operating experience and have restored millions of ties and scarves.  Through these years of experience, our gurus have formulated a unique six step cleaning and alteration process, which can restore your silk products back to pristine condition. 

We believe that restoring or cleaning your ties should be a service that is flexible, easy to use, and highly professional.  Our operating philosophy is simple: offer high quality tie cleaning and exceptional restoration at competitive prices while eliminating the hassle of having to find and work with a specialist.

Because we know you’re busy, we offer extended hours to pick up and drop off your shoes (6 AM to Midnight during the week).   All orders are completed within three weeks.

How It Works:

  1. Gather the Ties That Need Restoration
  2. Details Please: place a brief note with each tie describing what you’d like to have done; we’ll reach out to you if we have any questions (via the same method as the order is placed: phone call, email, or text)
  3. Give Us A Shout: call, text, or email us – we’re here for you no matter how you’d like to place your order
  4. We’ll Swing By: leave your bag with your doorman or set a time for us to come by and pick up your ties (for non-doorman buildings, please provide us with a one-hour time slot when placing the order during our normal business hours)
  5. Get Back To Life: our team of expert craftsmen will restore your ties and get them back to you quickly
  6. Ready For Work: we’ll deliver your restored ties back to you within 3 weeks, ready to go to work; for customers living in a non-doorman building, we’ll notify you when your ties are ready so that we can set a drop-off time.



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