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Our innovative new service will let you return any of your unwanted purchases without lifting a finger.   

We all recognize how painful it can be to waste a Saturday afternoon going back to stores to return the prior week's purchase; and shopping can be so much more fun if you know that you can take home an item to try it on again. 

Our team of shoppers will pick up your items for returns to local stores and return them for you.

How It Works:

  1. Place your items neatly back in their original packaging and bag
  2. Staple your receipt to the bag or place it clearly on top of your items
  3. Call, email, or text us for a pick up; if you live in a non-doorman building, please provide us with a 1 hour window during our extended business hours for a pick up
  4. Choose whether or not to receive store credit if a cash refund is not available to you
  5. We will complete your return within 3 business days
  6. Upon completion of the return, you will receive an email from us, including a copy of the receipt showing the returned items
  7. Credits usually post to your credit card within 48 hours of the return confirmation, but certain retailers have a more aggressive policies and may take up to 10 business days to post credits


  • Purchase must have been made last two weeks
  • Original receipt provided along with items
  • Purchase paid for with credit card
  • Order from pre-approved retailers (others available upon request)
  • Items must be in original condition (no exceptions)
  • Items cannot be in excess of 20 lbs or be oversized
  • Pricing is based on number of stores visited on your behalf by The Return Gurus.  As an example: if you requested that three (3) items be returned to Saks and that one (1) item be returned to William Sonoma, your charge for these returns would be $20.  
  • In the event that a retailer does not accept a return from us, we will return your items to you and the $10 service fee will be charged to your account.   
  • We cannot accept furniture, glassware, or any items valued individually at more than $1,000.  


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