Heavy Scrubbing and Cleaning:


         □ Bathroom Sink(s)

         □ Showers & Bathtubs

         □ Bathroom Tiles

         □ Toilets (Including around and behind Toilets)


         □ Kitchen Sink(s)

         □ Stove Top

         □ Back Splashes

         □ Refrigerator (top and doors)

         □ Toaster

         □ Microwave (including the inside)


         □ Wash windows, mirrors, and glass doors (as accessible)

         □ Windowsills Under Air Conditioner(s)

         □ Sterilize doorknobs

   A Focus on Floors: Dry Mopping and Wet Mopping:

         □ Bathrooms

         □ Bedrooms

         □ Living Rooms

         □ Hallways

         □ Kitchen

         □ Stairs (as applicable)

   Extensive Dusting:

         □ Baseboards

         □ Window Sills

         □ Crown molding – if reachable

         □ Doorframes

         □ Door Fixtures

         □ Door moldings

         □ Tables (including detail on table legs)

         □ Lamps / Lighting Fixtures

         □ TV/Accessories (including screen)

         □ Shelves, and around items placed on shelves

         □ Picture Frames

         □ Ceiling Fans (if accessible)

         □ Heating and air-conditioning vents

         □ Chairs (including detail non legs)

         □ Couches (behind couch if possible)

   Wipe Down:

         □ Kitchen Counters

         □ Kitchen Cabinet Doors

         □ Tables and side-tables (including under decorative items)

         □ Bathroom Counters

         □ Bathroom Shelves (Exterior)

         □ Shower Caddy/Soap Dish

         □ Trash Cans (Outside)

         □ Shower Door/Curtain (Leave Curtain Closed)


         □ Trash and Recycling Removed

         □ Dishwasher (Single Load: Loaded and Run, or Emptied and Loaded)

         □ Make Bed(s), Changed Sheets (If Sheets Left On Bed)

         □ Vacuum All Carpets and Area Rugs, Floor Mats, and Bath Mats

         □ Edging of Couches and Love Seats

   Additional Heavy Cleaning & Scrubbing:

         □ Bathroom Tiles (Removing Mold and Mildew to the extent possible)

         □ Stain Removals on other surfaces (to extent possible)

         □ Cleaning Inside of Trash Cans

   Dust Extermination:

         □ Behind Wall Units, End Tables

         □ Under heavy pieces of furniture (couches)

         □ Deep dive on shelves including books & decorating pieces (picked up, dusting, and then returned)

         □ High dusting (on top of large units, window blinds, etc. – requires footstool)

   Finished With:

         □ Furniture Returned to Proper Positions

         □ Vacuums, ladders, and any other supplies properly returned to storage location

          □ Rugs and mats properly positioned

         □ Books & decorating items returned to positions

         □ Trash bags replaced in all trash cans

         □ Lights are turned off

         □ Cleaning supplies packed and removed from apt.

         □ Keys returned to front desk or local office

         □ Cleaner checks in with dispatch

         □ Customer notified that cleaning is complete


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