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Our team of professional housekeepers is ready to make your apartment shine.  All of our housekeepers work directly for us, so you'll never have to worry about who is coming to your apartment.   

Unlike most housekeeping services, we bring all of our own supplies (organic whenever possible) so you never have to worry about running to the store or leaving cash for a housekeeper to go buy more supplies. 

Cleanings can be easily customized and we do our best to ensure that your apartment is left exactly how you'd like it.  

Generally, we can offer our clients service within 24 hours of ordering (depending on availability), and we can schedule recurring cleanings based on your schedule.  

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Service Levels:

All of our cleaners have extensive training and follow our comprehensive guidelines for providing your apartment or house with top notch cleaning.  We offer three tiers of service:

Regular Maintenance:

The perfect cleaning for your apartment if you have it cleaned on a regular basis.  This program will keep your apartment sparkling.  An overview of the Maintenance Cleaning Program is here. 

The Jump Start:

If you haven't cleaned in a while, this service will take your apartment from zero to hero.  A great way to bring your home into perfect shape.  An overview of the Jump Start Cleaning Program is here.

Deep Clean:

We clean from top to bottom and in every nook and cranny.  Ideal for any new apartment or before you move on.  We recommend more than one deep clean a year.  An overview of the Deep Clean Program is here.


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