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Our concierge dry cleaning service offers an eco-friendly and reliable way to keep your special items clean and perfectly pressed.

The Dry Cleaning Guru was started in partnership with a master dry cleaner, who has provided extraordinary dry cleaning services to discerning New Yorkers for more than 25 years. We believe that dry cleaning should be a service that is flexible, easy to use, and highly professional.  Our operating philosophy is simple: offer high quality dry cleaning and laundry services at extremely competitive prices.

Because we know you’re busy, we offer extended hours to pick up and drop off your garments (6 AM to 11 PM during the week).  Orders are often completed by the next day, with same day service available for orders placed before 9:30 AM (excluding Sunday).  Please tell us if you require expedited service so we can accommodate your schedule.  

How It Works

If You Live In A Doorman Building: 

  1. Fill our special dry cleaning & laundry bags with your dirty clothes (we’ll give you bags with your first order);
  2. Leave your bag with the doorman;
  3. Call, text, or email us for a pickup;
  4. We'll come by shortly to pick up your dry cleaning & laundry;
  5. Your dry cleaning will be waiting for you with the doorman the next day (or sooner);

If You Live in A Walk Up: 

  1. Fill our special dry cleaning & laundry bags with your dirty clothes (we’ll give you bags with your first order); 
  2. Call, text, or email us a 60 minute window for a pick-up (drop off's can be scheduled after we notify you that your dry cleaning is finished);
  3. We'll come by during the allocated time period to pick up your dry cleaning (6 AM to midnight during the week);
  4. Your dry cleaning will be delivered back to you during the specified time period (can be set when we notify you that your dry cleaning is ready);

It’s that easy.  Better yet, there’s no incremental charge for this high quality service - all of our rates are consistent with those you’ll find around the city. 

Dry Cleaning Hanger


Call:    (212) 433-0262

Text:    (212) 433-0262

Email:  Click Here 


Important Items to Note:

  1. Please inform us of any special instructions for your dry cleaning / dress shirts
  2. Please be sure that no items are left inside of your clothing; we do our best to catch foreign objects in with clothing, but it is incredibly difficult to identify such objects 
  3. Please check your order when you receive it; if you believe that an item has been somehow misplaced or damaged, please inform us immediately;  we keep video records of items being submitted and returned so we can track potentially misplaced items and compare items state of items submitted versus returned.  We are unable to verify orders more than two weeks after delivery.  
  4. Please note that our maximum liability for any clothing damaged is 10x the cost of service.  If you believe your items are valued in excess of this amount, please notify us prior to submitting them.  Items submitted for wash and fold service are not examined for any wear and tear, rips, or other physical damage prior to washing.  We are not liable for any physical damage to clothing submitted to wash and fold service including: colors that run, pens or or staining devices left in clothing, colors fading, rips, tears, shrinkage, or any other physical damage.  Our standard practice is to dry all items of clothing for wash and press service; and we are not liable for any shrinkage that may occur from drying.  If you are concerned that any item may shrink due to heat in any way, it is suggested to be submitted of dry cleaning, for which we utilize a high pressure process and would not result in any shrinkage.  We cannot verify if any item has shrunk due to our washing or previous service and are not liable for shrinkage under any circumstances.